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ASC Nationals
August 29th - 31, 2003


ASC National Competition
Labor Day Weekend
Three Rivers, Michigan

Click Here for 2003 ASC Nationals Results.
Click on photos to enlarge.

Welcome to ASC KIMO Nationals
Three Rivers, Michigan

It works because of events like this that mixes skill, fun with a demand for safety.

Saturday morning and the pilots are up and checking out the wind. The wind was 7 - 10 mph and a little bumpy aloft.

This year we were visited by the local radio station.

Here is Deb Stephenson answering pilot and spectator questions.

Even as busy as this lady stays during these events she still found time for this aggravating photographer (me) to take her picture.

Here is what the Nationals is all about.

This year we were a little short on fixed wing visitors as compared to last year, but some pilots couldn't be kept away even with a big stick.

The Trike community..

More fixed wings.

Powered Para Gliders  were in attendance.

Is this a PFB (Powered Flying Boat)?
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