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ASC Nationals
August 29th - 31, 2003


ASC National Competition
Labor Day Weekend
Three Rivers, Michigan

Click Here for 2003 ASC Nationals Results.
Click on photos to enlarge.

Most of the manufacturers were in attendance. Here is Hop explaining Buckeye's new ultimate machine the Breeze LX. I'm sure the LX stands for luxury because this machine is loaded with all the "Bells & Whistles".
One beautiful machine.

Jim is enjoying the morning sunshine and if you will look closely he is also enjoying something else.

Here Jim is explaining the events to spectators and pilots.

No event would be the same without Vernon Peckham announcing the events, pilots and machines.

Ran into Ed Neff enjoying a fresh morning cup of coffee. Ed will be "Chuting" for another altitude record on 09/27/03.

This is a conventional wind speed/direction indicator - the windsock.


This is a non-conventional wind speed/direction indicator - ??

Bobby Egger heading for the flight line for the competition line up.

Nile Newton in his Harmening High Flyer preparing for the competition.

Bill Cook retired FAA and our new Editor-in-Chief Sharon Taylor watching the competition.

Let the games begin...

Here is a list of the Competition Events:

Lo-High Bomb Drop
Multiple Torpedo Run
Multiple Spot landings
PPC Golf
Hula Hurl
Carrier Landing
Dead Stick Competition
Gun Slinging

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