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ASC Nationals
August 29th - 31, 2003


ASC National Competition
Labor Day Weekend
Three Rivers, Michigan


Click Here for 2003 ASC Nationals Results.
Click on photos to enlarge.

Some folks (Gayle & John) enjoyed strolling around the event while others ...

...took the shuttle (Me)! This is not me of course. This is one of the many young volunteers Meghan Pawlawski that helped out during the event.
Thanks Meghan for setting me straight with your name.

This is a view from the shuttle.

The pilots continued Sunday with the competition.

Ed Neff fighting the cross winds.

That was awful close Ed!

The weather took a turn for the worst and began a misty rain. But that didn't stop Bobby Egger, or any of the other pilots as a matter of fact, from continuing with the competition.





Mark Poliak greasing it in even in the wind conditions were pretty rough at times.

I have saved the best for last here is the results of the stiff competition that is found at ASC's Annual Competition.
Unbeknownst to Mark Poliak I took this shot as he "meditated" in preparation for the next event.
You were meditating weren't you Mark?

Another great and safe year was had by all and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for making a great time possible:

Three Rivers Downtown Development Authority
Three Rivers Airport
SW Michigan Sock Watchers Three Rivers Ultralight Club
All the local merchants
All of the volunteers
And last but not least all of the pilots that attended. All should be commended for proving that even in the less than desirable conditions for powered parachutes that a great time can be had providing that the highest degree of safety is maintained. This was displayed by all of the contestants and therefore the event was a success!

Great job everyone!


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