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Boyer Flight Park
September 27, 2003

All images can be enlarged by clicking.

Buckeye is in full force here today. What you see here is Hop's camp while everyone is at breakfast.

Fixed wings are also well represented for the day's competition.

And the PPG folks are here too.

Jim is always ready to answer any questions as well as greet and inform the general public.

The Highs keeping things organized.

A short break after breakfast for Hop and his gang is in order before the competition starts. By the way the guy on the right waving is Bill Mino from New York and is saying "Hello Mom."

I have been to a lot of events, but this is my first time to see the PPG pilots up close and personal. These fellows are skilled and have a great time, but I must say I prefer wheels for landing.

The next few photos are a sequence of steps required to launch a PPG for those visitors that have never seen  these fellows take off.
Here the pilot is warming up the engine before hooking up the canopy lines

Connecting the lines...

I believe the term for this is kiting. Basically he is inflating and stabilizing the canopy before he turns and applies throttle.

Beginning the takeoff roll or should I say takeoff foot ...

Begin rotation...


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