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Boyer Flight Park
September 27, 2003

All images can be enlarged by clicking.

As the afternoon arrived so did higher winds and gusts. Hop and his gang are seen here bundled up as the temperature starts to drop. All are in hopes for the winds to lay down.

Here is a PPG pilot kiting his wing or is the wing kiting him...

The PPC pilots have to fly something in these conditions so some come prepared with other vehicles to fly.

The winds are so high that Mark Poliak one of Hop's gang is even having problems with his portable somewhat fixed wing...

...as can be seen in this photo.

PPC trailers are very versatile. Jim Stephenson has taken it to a new dimension. He is using this one for an AFI Seminar classroom.

I had wondered where the Trikes were and toward evening this pilot made several passes over the field...

Unfortunately his landing, again due to the strong winds, was much more than a desirable one...

Here is the undesirable results.
Some of the pilots gave him a hand loading it up on a trailer for transport back to his home.
Due to wind conditions competition is completed. Dinner and awards or about to begin ==>


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