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Hop's Fun Fly
August 9, 2003

Day 1 - Page 3

All images can be enlarged by clicking.

Click on this one to see the group in loose formation ahead of Jim and I.

We were the last to take off and when we encountered an 18 m.p.h. head wind, we dropped down to bean level and tree topped (No pun intended.) our way to the drop zone. Instead of a ground speed of 17 m.p.h. we were able to realize about 34. We now had a chance to get ahead of the group for photos in the drop zone.

In route we encountered this pilot from Pulse Radio 96.5 (local radio station) out for a Saturday morning cruise.

We descended and circled under him for this photo.

We arrived at the drop zone way ahead of the squadron. During the wait Jim gave me a performance demonstration of the Chiron canopy.  Absolutely amazing responses.

We circled and waited for the troops.

Click on this one for details.

More details.

The pilots were relentless with their "Weapons of Mass Destruction". (Also known as bean bags.)

We arrived back at base camp in time to take photos of the warriors as they return home.

One by one they return...





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