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Hop's 20th Anniversary Celebration
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Welcome to Hop's Fun Fly
20th Anniversary
August 14 & 15th, 2004


Saturday August 14, 2004 ==>

Welcome to Hop's Powered Parachutes.

A proud member of the Flight Park Wing.

Saturday morning daybreak and the folks are already lining up...

Hop's gang assembles.

A little foggy this morning, but the weather forecast is in favor of a great day.

Hop is ready...coffee in the left hand, clipboard and forms in the right ready for action.

Breakfast drink of choice this time of the morning and Maryln always makes sure there is a fresh pot brewing.

Maryln is making sure we all have our name tags as she discusses the day's activities.

Maryln is briefing us on the newly formed "Complaint Dept." and how we will be able to recognize them in the crowd should we need to direct a visitor with a problem.

A better view of their required headgear...

The complaint department: Bobby, Brian and Rick...I think they are admiring how well they look in their new department headgear ?????

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