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Hop's 20th Anniversary Celebration
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Saturday August 14, 2004 ==>

Hop is filling us all in on all of the safety rules to be followed during the event. We all listen intensively.

Here Rick Wolf explains the ASC sanctioned competition.

Brian McCallen continues the discussion

As we are preparing in Fellowship Hall the line for registration continues to grow...

Suzanne Miltenburger is ready to register the pilots.

This year we have a control tower to assist us with the day's traffic,,,

Buckeye rules at this event....
Those not flying this morning will be found here lounging and resting for the afternoon events

Della posing for the camera...hee hee!

The traditional hog is ready to be served...

As soon as the word got out the help flocked to the hall and feast began.

The chow line grows...


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