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Hop's 20th Anniversary Celebration
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Saturday August 14, 2004 ==>

It' been a beautiful day with flying all day, but it is time for supper and the evening's activities...

...so one by one the pilots return home. There's also a storm front on it's way with thunder heard in the distance.

As the other fellows are coming in these four major critics all agree the new 2005 Buckeye Dream Machine is just that...a dream!

The two in the middle left to right are my daughter Jenny & her friend Suzie. They  just arrived in time for supper, but it looks like their first instructional flight will be postponed because of the storm moving in. I blamed them for bringing the bad weather with them...just kidding girls!

With the storm moving in rapidly it looks like flying has come to an end for the day. Everyone is hungry from the days activities and the gang is a little tired. Time to hit the leftovers.
 It was a perfect day filled with flying, fun and fellowship.

The traditional fun around the campfire will be replaced with fun under any shelter from the rain as the door prizes are awarded.

As always Maryln begins the raffle, but first she a had a little surprise for all of the kids...a prize for all of them. ===>


There were special prizes...

great door prizes...

and even another award for Hoppy!

Page 5

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