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Hop's 20th Anniversary Celebration
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Sunday August 15, 2004 ==>

Sunday morning and look at that windsock!
This picture is found in every Powered Parachute Pilots dreams.

Saturday's weather was absolutely perfect and this morning promises the same for Sunday.

Me buckling up for a beautiful Sunday morning flight.

Come on up the air is great...
The weather for the entire weekend has been God sent.

Hop taking up another student...
How many is that now Hop?

Maryln taking a break from all of the activities.
Her and grandson Bobby just getting back from Sunday cruise.

After the morning fun flying every one takes time out for Sunday church service.

This is Jim Paradis. He started back in 1985 flying the Paraplane at Hop's. As do all ol' Paraplane pilots he has some stories to tell.

Like grandpa like grandson...
Jim's grandson is carrying on the family tradition with his first instructional flight today

Looks like mom is proud too...

Two old friends in a brand new machine...things have come a long way, huh fellows?

Jim being prepared for his first instructional flight in 19 years...big difference form the Paraplane wouldn't you say Jim?

Now that all the events are done, Joe Turpin is taking advantage of the beautiful Sunday afternoon.

As is everyone...


Terry & Suzanne on their way up...

Left to right..."Cool Blue", Bill, Hop, Me & "Mean Green"!
Event Scores:

1st Place - Jim Terpstra -   pts.
2nd Place -                     - pts.
3rd Place -                      - pts.

This information will be completed as soon as everyone from Hop's gets back from Three Rivers National Event.
I apologize for my forgetter working so well...
Come back soon for all missing narrations, names, scores, and errors.

Brian McCallen awarding the contest winners.

Jim Terpstra took first place overall in today's events.

I have followed Hop's events for many years and have placed them on my  website for the whole world to see how a well organized event can be filled with fun, fellowship, and safe flying. The fellowship is extended not only to the the folks that are there year after year (regulars), but to the curious newcomers, those there for the first time because of their desire to learn to fly and even to the spectators new and old that just come to watch the incredible flying. machines. When all is said and done at the end of the weekend, those same people regardless of their reason for being there, go away with a smile on their face, something new learned and most important of all a warmth in their heart for the two great people that make it possible - Hop & Maryln .

Let me say thanks folks for all your love and all that you have done for the thousands of lives you have touched. Your dedication and love for the sport has been paramount and will go down in history as the one greatest contribution to the promotion of powered parachutes. What you have done in twenty years could not have been accomplished without the sincere warmth, kindness, thoughtfulness, and dedication to safety that you both possess.

To quote Hop and Maryln: "May God bless & keep 'em flying safely!"

Thank you so much and Happy Anniversary!

Homer "Treetop" Taulbee

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