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Hop's Potluck & Open House
May 16, 2004

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Hop always gets the party started with a thanks to one and all and a joke or two and then...

...passes it to Marlyn who always has some words of wisdom and grace before we eat.

As usual at Hop & Maryln's Potluck events there is lots of great food, great friends, and a great time had by all.

Hop caught in the act of by-passing the chow line...

There is always a raffle and Hop always has a prank up his sleeve. Here he is presenting a jar of water collected from the storm to Dan Forman of Ohio who mowed the air field in the rain in preparation of the event.

Behind this door is the new Hop's Powered Parachutes.
Pilot's Lounge, training facilities, gift and accessory shop, and show room all under one roof.

Hop, his family, and friends have totally remodeled the Christmas Shop and turned it into a beautiful and fully equipped "Pilot's Lounge"...

...complete with gifts and a full line accessories for the powered parachutist.

The new classroom is fully equipped and ready to accommodate.

Here is a new Buckeye Breeze in the show room.

Displayed in the lounge is Hop's many awards that he has earned over the years. Hop has earned not only award after award but the hearts and respect of all of us.

Last but by no means the least, is Brian McCallen chief of the newly remodeled and state of the art full service center.

The only place you need for all your service!

Here are three ol' die hard Paraplane pilot's and of course our "King Pin" Hop still flying powered parachutes after all these years.
From left to right: Roger Hamilton, Terry Miltenberger, me and Hop.

Hop and I discussing the ol' days and how the sport has evolved.

This is how it all began. The first generation of evolution

Then came the Buckeye "B" model...

...and here is where we are today. The machines have sure come a long way.

Click on this photo to get a good look at the windsock and you will see why the powered parachute pilots were grounded for the day. I didn't have the heart to show any of the long faces of the PPC pilots. We took enough punishment from the "fixed wingers" as it was.
To sum up the day there was plenty of great fun, food, friends and tall tales. All made possible by the hospitality and heart felt kindness of Hop & Marlyn.

I'm sure I speak for all when I say "Thanks folks for all you do and all you share with all of us."

"God bless and keep 'em flying."

Don't forget....

Hop's Fun-Fly Sunrise to Sunset

Aug 11 - 12
Click HERE for details.

See you all there!


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