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Hop's Potluck & BFI Refresher
May 15, 2005

All images can be enlarged by clicking.

Happy 45th Anniversary!

Brian presenting the BFI Refresher course.

Hop announcing dinner is served.

The chow line.

Grandma Della & Emma.

As usual a feast fit for a king.

No skimping on deserts...

Table one...

Hop, Wayne, & Dan getting down to business at table two.

Table three.

Hop has made short order of this plate.

It's time for door prizes and recollection.

Maryln has something for everyone.

Terry Miltenberger is presented a personalized jacket for his hard work and continuous assistance at all of the events.

Maryln presenting me with a jacket to my surprise, personalized with "Treetop".
Thanks folks for all that you do

The lady's are presented with flowers.




Oops that's no lady that's Brian...
I think these are for his wife.

Emma has spotted the balloons...

Maryln has her prize.

The gifts keep coming...






Jim Shell has a gift for Hop & Maryln

A great addition to Fellowship Hall.

Hop closing the evening with a few stories and thanks to all.

Terry and I showing off our new wardrobe.

Due to bad weather there was no flying except this Remote Controlled Paraplane.

Bobby and Brian watching the Paraplane and thinking about taking the fixed wings for a lap or two around the patch...

Brian couldn't resist...

Thanks once again to Maryln and Hop a great time was had by all.

Don' forget:

Hop's Fun-Fly Sunrise to Sunset
Aug 13 - 14
Click HERE for details.
See you all there!

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