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Hop's Fun Fly Fly-in
August 13-14, 2005

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Everyone lining up for a group photo. We had a visit from WNDU Channel 16 out of South Bend.

What a line up it is!

Group photo...
For a large view click HERE.

The winds have started to cooperate so some of the more experienced pilots take to the air.
No problem getting assistance at Hop's. Look at all of the "Runway Rats" in yellow!

Greg and his home built machine with new elliptical canopy also preparing for takeoff.


Jim Stephenson checking out Buckeye's new Aerial ATV.

This second version of the Aerial ATV speaks for itself. Rugged, versatile and great looking. Buckeye hopes to have it ready for flight before KIMO in September.


I think Nail is in love with the Aerial ATV. I got this candid shot right after he finished looking it over.

Saturday evening and time for the traditional "Door Prize & Raffle Drawing.

"New York" Fred inspecting his door prize basket full of goodies.

Ed receiving his with a bit of a tease from Maryln.

Hop watching Suzanne, Roger Terry trying to figure out their door prize.

Two proud winners of the Buckeye jacket drawing:
Me & Terry Miltenberger
August 14, 2005
Bad weather continues.

Once again rain & fog an very low ceilings

The rain has stopped so "New York" Fred and Wayne are standing by to assist with towing the planes and other flight line assistance. Also Fred hopes to get a chance for his BFI check ride.

Evie Brandeberry Ohio's finest powered parachute instructor and her newly decorated trailer.

Ed Neff & wife, Evie & Nail

Looks like Kevin and Daisy are getting bored with all of this waiting. Cute couple though wouldn't you say?

The rain has stopped the wind is down and who cares about a low ceiling...we're the Kings of Low & Slow. Let's go flying!





I don't think those Canadian Geese attended the pilot's briefing... Remember Evie who has the right of way. They are non-motorized.

Bobby and his T-Bird take to the air.
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