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Hop's Fun Fly Fly-in
August 13-14, 2005

Click HERE to view videos of this event.

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This year's benefit was for a great inspiration to all...
Ms. Jenna Whitmer.
Wayne announcing the winner of the Half & Half drawing. The winner forfeited his half and all went to Jenna. Look at that smile. Tells it all doesn't it. Of course Wayne and Jenna had to take a moment for a photo op.
  The lighter side of the fly-in.  
Bombing Mission
Code name: "
Cry Wolf"
Commander: Jim Shell
Sortie launched: 1900 Z/UTC
Destination: Rick Wolf's runway.
Target: Rick's "Yard Gnome".

Col. Shell has a visual on the target

The order to bomb is given and the bombers go in for the kill.

The airman are relentless.
Strike after strike they release their munitions.

Wave after wave...

after wave...


With the mission completed the commander orders the squadron back to base (Hop's). One problem... the rain had returned and the last 38 minutes of the mission was a long one. Cold and wet the airman returned to base wet, cold, but proud of their victory.

Got ya' Rick!


Woe is the life of a bomber pilot!
Rain or shine and as usual everyone had a great time...
And as always it's because of two wonderful people Hop & Maryln.
I know I speak for all...Thanks so much for being you!

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