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Super Dave's 6th Annual Fly-in
Ashland, KY
June 3 - 6, 2005

Friday morning unloading even though it looks like today will be a wash out...

The skies are not too promising.



The skies opened up and it rained solid for four hours. Here you see Brian McCallen & son of Hop's Service Center. We set in the tent and watched it rain.

The rain stopped about 12:30 and Jim Stephenson and Super Dave are discussing the days events.

Pilots begin to gather for the Pilot's Briefing.




Although the ground is saturated some pilots take advantage of the calm winds...



while others wait.

Balloon is inflated, but tethered.
Look to the left in the picture and you can see why. The wind has started to pick up.

About 6:00 p.m. the rains begin again.
Looks like Friday is a wash out!

Not looking too good for Saturday either...this was taken at 6:30 a.m.

That doesn't dampen the spirits of the pilots. Pilot briefing is on schedule.

Pretty sloppy fellows..

Not only is it wet but the fog is thick as pea potato soup!

If you look real hard through the fog you can see some of the pilots setting up in the slop fog and all.

Jim and Super Dave discussing Friday's events.

The sky is clearing, but the fog lingers.
7:30 a.m.

The mud is deep...

We wait for the fog to lift...machines preflighted and ready to go.

Big difference a couple of hours makes...

Let the flying begin...

Brian is strapping his father in for his first flight. Bill Elwell is there to assist.

Looks like a happy dad to me...

and away they go...

The rest of Saturday was perfect flying weather.

View from runway...

For those on the ground there was a little "picking and grinning" and the winner of the Legal Eagle" (Seen in the foreground, provided by Buckeye Aviation .) will be more than grinning. The winning ticket will be drawn this evening

The powered parachute seen flying here is dropping small parachutes with prizes on them for the anxious kids below.

The scramble begins..
These were all of the pictures I took during this event. Brian,  Jake, Bill and I took to the air and and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon
enjoying the event from above. We landed just before the drawing for the new Legal Eagle and other great prizes. I will add the winners
once I get the information from Super Dave. So come back later and see who the lucky winners were.

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